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ROMA is a knitted fabric, weft knitted, double-sided circular machine. Also known as ponte-de-roma, PUNTO is a four-way circular fabric with slightly lighter and less regular stripes than regular double-sided fabric. The fabric has good elasticity in both vertical and horizontal directions, but the transverse tensile property is not as good as INTERLOCK, and the moisture absorption is strong. ROMA cloth feels smooth and firm without wrinkles. It is the ideal material for high-grade professional clothes, not easy to pilling. What is knitted fabric? What are the advantages and disadvantages of knitted fabrics? Knitted fabric is the use of knitting needles to bend the yarn into a circle and set each other to form the fabric. The difference between knitted fabrics and woven fabrics is that the form of yarn in the fabric is different. Knitting is divided into weft knitting and warp knitting. At present, knitting fabric is widely used in clothing fabrics and lining, home textiles and other products, by the majority of consumers love. Knitting fabric has good elasticity, breathe freely, comfortable and warm, is the children's clothes, the most widely used fabric raw material mainly is the natural fibers such as cotton fiber silk wool, nylon, acrylic, polyester chemical fiber knitted fabric such as organizational change, rich variety, appearance does not have characteristics, more than in the past for underwear, T-shirt and so on, now, With the development of knitting industry and the birth of new finishing technology, the wearability of knitted fabric has changed greatly, and it is almost suitable for all categories of children's wear.

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