58/38/4 C/P/SP CVC SPAN 2*2RIB

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1. Rib weave is one of the basic weave of weft knitted fabric. 2. It is composed of front coil longitudinal and back coil longitudinal in a certain form. Ribbed 1. knitted fabrics have great elasticity and extensibility when stretched horizontally.Rib a often used for inner coat products that require certain elasticity, such as elastic shirts, elastic vests, pullover cuffs, necklines and trousers. Rib knitted fabric consists of a single yarn forming loops on the front and back in turn. Rib knitted fabric has the properties of plain weave fabric, such as dispersion, edge rolling and extension, but also has greater elasticity. It is often used for the collar edge and cuff of T-shirt, with good body closing effect and great elasticity (larger than the elasticity of cotton), mainly used for leisure style clothing. It is relative to plain weave, take socks to do it, the most common cotton socks are plain weave, the kind of strip protrusion like velvet is rib. Rib fabric: Rib fabric It is the basic structure of double-sided circular fabric, which is made up of front coil longitudinal and reverse coil longitudinal in a certain proportion. Common 1+1 rib (plain rib), 2+2 rib, spandex rib. Double rib cloth: common double-sided cloth, also known as cotton wool cloth, by two rib cross compound, common cotton wool cloth, needle cotton wool cloth, spandex cotton wool cloth and so on. Rib cloth also has many kinds of 1*1 rib cloth, 2*2 rib cloth, 3*3 rib cloth, 1*2 rib cloth, according to the different machine can also have a big round machine rib cloth, flat machine rib cloth, according to the different materials, it is a lot of varieties, almost countless. Rib organization Double needle bed round or flat knitting machine can be produced, its organization is woven with rib needle distance, so it is called rib. The outer coil and the inner coil of plain knitting are arranged mutually in a horizontal line, so the two sides of the underside are symmetrical in appearance, and the organization has excellent elasticity in horizontal stretching, and is not easy to roll. Is a beard needle interaction because it is over, so life 1 x1 rib, plate and cylinder and needle is all in all to weaving weaving mouth, so it is also known as 1 x1 rib full needle, the elasticity of the rib depends on rib structure, elastic yarn, friction performance, and the density of knitted fabric, rib fabric is not 傱 starting into one end of the cloth apart untied.

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